Karvanda Juice is very tasty and also having medicinal benefits. It keeps skin problems away. It has a lengthy history in Indian folk medicine. Tribes in the Western Ghats use the fruit as a blood sugar stabilizer and as a guard against liver damage. Various groups have utilized the fruit to remedy the following:



--Improve women’s libido




--Topical wound treatment (juice)

--Skin remedy


Several scientists have studied the fruit as well:

-- A 2007 study published in “Ancient Science of Life” found that the root bark has potent antihelmitic properties comparable to the drug, albendazole

--A 2009 study published in “Der Pharmacia Lettre” affirmed the root bark’s hemaprotective properties. In fact, its efficacy is equivalent to the liver drug, silymarin.

--A report in the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Technology” states karonda’s extracts show potent antimicrobial activity.