Karvanda Juice is a forest plant which survives on its own in Kokan. It has a lengthy history in Indian folk medicine. Tribes in the Western Ghats use the fruit as a blood sugar stabilizer and as a guard against liver damage. Various groups have utilized the fruit to remedy the following:



--Improve women’s libido




--Topical wound treatment (juice)

--Skin remedy


Several scientists have studied the fruit as well:

-- A 2007 study published in “Ancient Science of Life” found that the root bark has potent antihelmitic properties comparable to the drug, albendazole

--A 2009 study published in “Der Pharmacia Lettre” affirmed the root bark’s hemaprotective properties. In fact, its efficacy is equivalent to the liver drug, silymarin.

--A report in the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Technology” states karonda’s extracts show potent antimicrobial activity.  


Season for karvand is March to May.. This plant is also used as local fencing material.     


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